Running is a useful and efficient way in the prevention and treatment of a mass of diseases. Running is the most accessible kind of exercise. All you need are sneakers, a tracksuit, and a street. Practically three seasons a year you can run on the road

Running is an ideal, unique and free way to look good, be healthy and cheerful. The positive impact of running is incomparable to nothing else. Also, running is the most accessible kind of exercise. To run it is not necessary to have a specialized, expensive equipment or a place to practice. All you need are sneakers, a tracksuit, and a street. Practically three seasons a year you can run on the road. 

Running is useful and useful in the prevention and treatment of a mass of diseases. Running alone is not a cure or panacea, but its indirect effects due to loads on the central nervous system, endocrine, and cardiovascular system have a positive impact on the whole organism.

So, let’s figure out what a positive effect was running on our body.

1. Running increases the possibilities of the heart and blood vessels

During the running, the very heart muscle is trained directly. This means that the heart becomes stronger and stronger. And this inevitably affects the productivity of his work.

2. Running increases oxygen capacity of blood

A trained heart passes a much more extensive volume of blood in one cycle than does a non-trained one. And this means that with increasing blood flow – oxygen metabolism also increases. And more tissues and organs receive more blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients.

3. Running as an excellent tool in the fight against nervous tension

Stress and fatigue accumulate in the body during the day the products of decay – this is the cause of weakness and exhaustion. To get rid of fatigue, it is necessary to sweat correctly, and running successfully copes with this task.

4. During prolonged exertions, the hormone releases happiness and joy into the bloodstream

The hormone endorphin, which is also called the “hormone of happiness,” increases its concentration in the blood when a person trains for a long time. As they say, the second wind opens, and there is a slight euphoria. Depression and stress disappear without a trace.

5. Running increases mental activity

When jogging, often in themselves in the head there are solutions to some problems or tasks. This happens because the blood during active training is abundantly saturated with oxygen, the metabolism increases – these processes affect the more efficient functioning of the central nervous system and brain activity.

6. Systematic jogging increases and strengthens the immune system

Due to the rise in the blood of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, which occurs, if you regularly run, the immune system of the body is strengthened.

7. Running struggles with bad cholesterol and lowers weight

In the course of systematic running loads in the blood, the level of harmful cholesterol is reduced, appetite decreases, intestinal motility improves, metabolism is accelerated, and metabolism is increased. Together, all this leads to weight loss and normalization of body weight.

8. Running improves human biorhythms

Running can be at any time while improving the performance of their internal biological clock. For example, in the morning, when the blood concentration of hormones is increased, running will be a natural and natural way to discharge, which will help the body to return to balance and tune in to productive work for the whole day. If you run after a day at work – in the evening, it will help to relieve tension, relax, reduce appetite and fall asleep.

9. Running positively affects the liver and kidneys

Studies have shown that regular running loads can positively influence the restoration of liver tissue. Also, there is a positive effect on the organs: during the run, they are relieved of tension, which improves their functioning.

10. Regular running improves the musculoskeletal system

If a person has no problems with joints, supplements, and spine, then running will have only a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. A warm-up, as well as stretching while running, will help to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the joints, give a kind of push to the body to restore, grow new cells and tissues. For the elderly, running at an easy pace or brisk walking is especially useful – they prevent degenerative changes in the bends and muscle tissues.


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