Do you think a complicated marathon is the best way to pump the whole body quickly? Experts at the Harvard Medical School believe otherwise. Instead of heavy permanent training, which, among other things, has a negative impact on the joints and the nervous system, Dr. Lin Hu offers as many as five more advanced training methods. Each of them leads to rapid weight loss and the formation of a strong muscle corset – try it yourself!


Consider swimming the ideal body workout. Absolutely all muscles work. Swimming increases the heart rate and even protects the brain from age-related changes. Regular training for 30-45 minutes helps to fight depression, reduce stress and form a genuinely athletic figure.


Chinese martial art tai chi-chuan combines some elegant, smooth movements – a kind of free meditation. Exercise is slow and careful with a high degree of focus, and particular attention is paid to deep breathing. Because practitioners can work at their own pace, Tai Chi is suitable for all ages.

Power training

Training with weights develops a simultaneous connection between the brain and muscles. Do it three times a week, and you can only forget about depression – increased production of hormones will help you feel constantly alert. Chris Jordan, a physiologist, advises not neglecting and high-level training, which simultaneously develops both strength and endurance.


The most common running has a significant positive effect on the work of the body and brain. The thirty-minute morning run charges energy for the day ahead, in the evening it allows you to relieve the accumulated tension for a day. An experimental study carried out on people suffering from depressive disorders showed that three-hour running training a week significantly increases the level of dopamine in the blood, while at the same time reducing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Kegel Exercises

No need to laugh. Kegel exercises are important for both men and women because they help strengthen a group of muscles, commonly called “pelvic floor.” With age, these muscles begin to weaken, which leads to a whole list of unpleasant consequences. Doctors of Harvard assure: regular repetition of Kegel exercises will support you in tonus for a very long time.


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