Closeup rear-view of a young woman suffering from back pain

There were probably back pains, apparently, for everyone. The World Health Organization this year published lists according to which a complaint about periodic pain in the spine is the most common in the world. Despite the fact that the network is full of competent information about the causes and consequences of this problem, the vast majority of adults, conscious people still prefer to be treated independently. The result is often deplorable. In this article, you will find a few of the most common back pain issues that will help you make an initial diagnosis and understand if you need to worry.

How to treat osteochondrosis

Do not heal. The strange term “osteochondrosis” is used only by the doctors of our country and means any phenomena of degenerative-dystrophic changes of the spine. The therapist can call osteochondrosis everything from regular age-related changes to a serious problem. It is worth remembering that some degeneration of the spinal column is inherent in the vast majority of people – you should not be afraid of it.

Why does the loin hurt?

A throbbing pain in the lower back can signal both a severe pathology and a common cold. To diagnose by only this symptom cannot be any neurosurgeon. It’s all the more unwise to make decisions on how to treat an unexpectedly painful back.

When you need a doctor

Many people for years live with constant unpleasant sensations in the spine. Meanwhile, this disparaging attitude to the body is fraught with significant health problems: it will be better to be reinsured and get diagnosed. If the pain is so severe that it hinders sleep and does not go away for several days – it is worth to turn to the doctor unequivocally.

Where to go

Do not waste time in the queues to the therapist. The neurologist or the neurosurgeon will help or assist you – if there is a choice, it is necessary to prefer the second specialty. Continually practicing neurosurgeons can make the diagnosis more accurately, because they compare the images of MRI with the real operating picture.

Behind gym man

How to make it so that it does not hurt

Any private clinic will gladly sell you a course of treatment – for the same money you can buy a good car. At the same time, it will be enough to spend an hour on the Internet to find a few physicians’ justified principles of maintaining a healthy back. To never hurt the pain, you need to keep track of your weight, staying within the healthy body mass index. Developed muscles also solve most of the problem: go to the pool and finally do sports. Also, the cause of pain can become severe stress – with depression, the pain threshold level is significantly reduced.


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