Autumn is beautiful, although sometimes it is insidious. Changing, windy and humid weather, epidemics of viruses – that’s her main arsenal, able to put us to bed with the temperature. How not to fall ill in the autumn? We find out the reasons and learn to defend ourselves against seasonal ailments! The main triggers of autumn diseases are a seasonal weakening of immunity, hypothermia, and epidemics of viruses. What to do in order not to fall ill? He will tell us “It’s Easy.”

Beware of hypothermia

Most of the time we get cold because we freeze. Here’s a tip on how to avoid hypothermia. In a season when the body is rebuilding to a new temperature regime, it is essential to choose the right clothes for both the street and the house.

Did you recognize the temperature overboard? Please note: in autumn the humidity of the air is increased. In a humid day with rain and wind, we will be colder than in the sunny, even with the same reading of the thermometer. Therefore, focusing on the thermometer outside the window, dress a little warmer.

Wear warm underwear

If you are very cold, put on warm underwear. In autumn, suitable cotton or fine wool. You can choose a combination of natural fibers. The choice of clothes depends on how actively you are going to move during the day and where you will spend it. If you are warming so as not to catch a cold on the way to work, choose a lighter laundry: so you will avoid the temptation to open the outer clothing on the street or in the transport. By the way, in the subway, too, often comes from windows. On a working day, you should be comfortable indoors – choose models and fabrics that will not make you sweat in the office.

If you are going for a run, walking at a fast pace, then give preference to a special sports thermal underwear. During training in the fresh air, it will warm, and will not provide “sweat” due to the unusual composition and fibers of the fabric.

Choose the right outerwear

Ladies and ladies! Ill we look much worse, so do not sacrifice yourself to fashion. Jackets up to the waist, even very warm – not for cold weather: without protection, there are also waist, and kidneys, and organs of the small pelvis. Subcooling these areas of the body can cause severe inflammatory diseases.

What is happening here is this: in the frozen zones blood vessels narrow, blood supply becomes insufficient. Against this background, there are stagnant phenomena that contribute to the multiplication of bacteria and viruses. The most common companions of short jackets are pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys), cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), adnexitis (inflammation of the uterine appendages – tubes, ovaries). The latter can quickly lead to infertility. In autumn, in priority, lengthened jackets and coats, warm skirts and trousers. Do not neglect these tips and you, gentlemen!

Choosing clothes for home

The main thing – home clothes should be clean and dry. Ideal for natural fabrics.

Do not dress too hot not to sweat and not to lose too much moisture: the air in the premises is often too dry due to central heating and heating appliances. Moisten it with special devices or containers of water. They can be placed next to indoor plants, which also suffer from dryness. When you are going to ventilate the room, put on warm clothes. And do not allow drafts.

Keep your hands, feet, head warm

Do not feel sorry for the styling and do not put your head in the cold wind! Overcooling can lead not only to a nasty but a primitive runny nose. There may be much more severe consequences: otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), sinusitis, rhinosinusitis (mucous membrane of one or more sinuses), meningitis (inflammation of the brain membranes). It is known that the primary pathogens of meningitis are viruses and bacteria. But the general decrease in immunity and hypothermia create a favorable environment for their rapid development.

Remember: the cap in the cold is a must for the wardrobe. She also protects the hair from seasonal loss. Even, if walking around with a bare head, you will enter a warm room from a cold street, this can cause a sharp expansion or, conversely, vasospasm, and, as a result, lightheadedness, dizziness, and headache. And if you pick up a warm scarf to the hat, then avoid such misfortunes as pharyngitis (inflammation of the mucous throat), laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx). Wrap a scarf or a handkerchief with your throat and chest – why do you need bronchitis or angina?

In cold conditions, the body strives primarily to warm the vital organs – the heart, the lungs, the organs of the abdominal cavity. Blood flows to them. As a result, the peripheral vessels of the limbs – arms, legs and especially the fingers – narrow. The blood flow deteriorates, so the hands and feet freeze first. The consequences are a whole palette: from frostbite to exacerbation of chronic inflammatory joint diseases (arthritis, rheumatism). Weathering hands and brittle nails are the result of walks without gloves. By allowing you to freeze your legs, you put your whole body at risk: it’s not for nothing that they say we “catch a cold” through our legs. Therefore, make sure that the shoes are dry and without cracks. Waking up on a cold morning, say: “I’ll make myself a present!” I’ll buy warm socks and gloves for the season! “. Take care of your health!

How to dress a baby

The situation with the choice of clothes for children is a bit more complicated. The fact is that the thermoregulation in children occurs differently than in adults. They have more skin surface relative to body weight – respectively, higher and heat transfer. Kids do not practically shiver from the cold, sweat a little; they have not yet formed a reaction of narrowing and widening of blood vessels. Due to all this, children can distort the cold – they are always on the move and are ready to walk, while “the nose does not freeze.”

It is essential not just to warm the baby more warmly. The child is severely over combusted: it starts to sweat intensely and is overcooled – this can lead to catarrhal diseases. Do not overheat the head and neck of the baby – it causes the expansion of large veins and arteries, as well as the flow of blood due to its outflow from other organs and limbs. If the mouth is closed with a scarf, the child will breathe moist air and may catch a cold. Entering the room – a store, a polyclinic – always remove from the baby a hat, scarf, and if possible, a jacket – this will not let him then go out into the street sweating. And finally, a little trick: before going out for a walk, for 15 minutes, drink yourself and give the child some water at room temperature. In the throat, the temperature is about 37 degrees, and near the water – about 20. This simple procedure will prepare the children’s body for a temperature jump.

What to eat so as not to get sick?

Slow carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins – this is the basis of the autumn-winter diet. The first include porridges and legumes: long splitting and digesting, they give the body energy for heat and strength to fight disease. For dessert, you can smell a mixture of nuts and dried fruits: rich in vegetable fats, nuts give us calories that are not fully absorbed by the body and therefore do not harm the figure. Walnut, thanks to a complex of trace elements and minerals, helps to restore strength after the illness. Cashew nuts are low-calorie and have a surprisingly high positive effect on immunity. They are also rich in potassium, which strengthens the heart muscle, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Cashew – the best nutlet in bronchitis, tonsillitis and even asthma. Important: you can only use cashews fried. Almond is irreplaceable for beriberi. Cedar nut is a real treasure: it is rich in vitamins E, K, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. These vitamins take care of the condition of the skin and hair in the cold, help overcome the blues and lethargy. Cedar nut oil is the elixir of youthful skin. In general, more nuts – tasty and different! And, of course, we lean on sauerkraut and garlic. To benefit from the garlic smell, chop the leaves of dill, parsley or are – they also disinfect the oral cavity. Similar properties have apples, nuts, cardamom seed, and nutmeg. And healthy, and already sick it is beneficial to use berry decoctions and herbal teas. Widely known are the healing properties of dog rose, sea buckthorn, fruits and leaves of black and red currants. Brew in a thermos collection to taste and sweeten with honey – recharge with vitamins and vivacity.

Adding a fresh rubbed root of ginger, you also get warm. Vitamins help not to get sick, and if you still get caught with a cold, then from such a tea you’ll sweat and go to a correction more quickly. So be sure to feed and opposite your immunity! Such drinks can be given to children if you know that there is no allergy to certain fruits.

Pay attention to hygiene

In addition to colds, in the fall we are threatened with epidemics of viruses. The maximum compliance with basic hygiene rules will help to protect yourself.

Wash your hands often: on everything we touch, there can be viruses. A friendly handshake will quickly get you into bed with the flu if you do not know that the person is sick.

Be sure to wear wet antibacterial napkins: they will be useful if you can not wash your hands.

Rinse the mucous membranes of the nose and throat with saline solution or use a spray with sea water. This is not just a hygienic measure – the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx should in no case dry out since they play the role of local immunity. Drying disrupts the protective function of mucous membranes. For the same purpose, moisten the air in the rooms.

Were you sick? Sneeze and cough only in the handkerchief. Wear a face mask – do not spread the infection!

Move and temper

Viruses show extraordinary vitality in still, dry and warm air – and very quickly die in a damp cool with a breeze. Walk on health, the illness does not threaten you on a walk, provided that you do not begin to perform a “pampering” with a large crowd of people. The primary source of the virus is a sick person.

It’s never too late to begin to temper, the main thing is to do it without haste and thoughtfully. Start doing in the morning contrasting douches for the feet – gradually, from one to two times. This will strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase blood flow, and the legs will not freeze so. Over time, you can move to a different soul or cold dousing. Massaging feet is useful. Use for this small bag, stuffed with round stones – just trample it. Accustomed – you can go to needle applicators. Such massage not only improves blood circulation but also affects biologically current points located on the feet and responsible for the operation of all systems and organs. After douche and massage, do not forget to put on warm socks. Needless to say about the benefits of baths and saunas. Deep warming up and normalization of the excretory functions of the skin is a robust support of the organism in the cold. If in this case you are a beginner, exercise reasonable care.

How to “butter” the nose and the house Some essential oils are great natural antiseptics. Before leaving the house at the inner edge of the nostrils, apply a couple of drops of essential oil of eucalyptus with a cotton bud: when inhaling, air will go through a kind of “oil filter.”

A bottle of butter can be taken to work and inhaled several times a day. Use the essential oil of eucalyptus can also be home to aromatic lamps: it correctly kills microbes. Another fantastic tool is the essential oil of tea tree. Mix a few drops with the usual petroleum jelly and apply on the lips: the mixture will protect the skin from drying out and from the herpes virus.

Beware of cold allergies

The mechanism of this allergy is as follows: when leaving the cold, proteins form structures that our immune system mistakenly accepts for foreign, that is, allergens. As a reaction, rashes on the skin, and even chronic inflammation of the tonsils – tonsillitis are possible. Calm the skin with soothing broth. For a while before going out to the street, use a greasy, but not moisturizing cream. Get rid of tonsillitis better with the help of a doctor.

The autumn-winter period is traditionally considered a season of colds. But the rules that will help us prevent diseases and cope with viruses are not so complicated, and sometimes – tasty and pleasant. Health to you!


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