The most popular diets include paleodiet, Mediterranean, and others. It is necessary to understand the nuances of such nutrition and to find out why it is so important to abandon industrial food products.

Mediterranean diet

This diet has no rigid facilities. It is preferably an everyday basis of traditional food behavior of the population of the warm countries of Europe.

The point is that animal fats are replaced with vegetable oils. Also in the diet, there are cereals, beans, and vegetables, seafood and fish. After a while, the amount of harmful cholesterol will decrease.

Paleo diet

It is also called the “food of the ancient man.” It is necessary to abandon industrial food products and switch to pure food, which has been consumed from time immemorial. In the diet should be:

  • nuts,
  • fruit,
  • vegetables,
  • meat dishes,
  • eggs,
  • mushrooms.

Excluded are products from flour, sugar, industrial vegetable oil, and milk. Thanks to such a diet, the figure improves significantly and body weight decreases.

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten is a protein. It is found in many bowls of cereal, for example, in wheat, its presence is up to 80%, and in the rye – about 50%. The primary task of the substance is to create a viscosity in the production of products. Getting into the human body, it glues food in the stomach.

When taking foods with gluten, some people feel discomfort in the intestine. The absorption of vitamins can also worsen. Feels uncomfortable, there is rapid fatigue. If you abandon the products with gluten, all of these effects go away.

Keto diet

This diet is based on a specific principle. On Monday – Thursday you need to follow a strict keto diet, from Thursday evening to Saturday – consumes high-calorie food. The seventh day is transitional.

Thanks to the diet and sports activities, fatty tissue is burnt in a short time.

Therefore, such food is trendy among experienced athletes and competitors.

Vegetarian Diet

Scientists believe that people should remove from their diet meat semi-finished products and sausages. In a week it is allowed to eat up to 500 grams of red meat.

In the production of chicken, manufacturers add to the product various hormones. Fish often have mercury. Meat is also refused for religious reasons. Controlling the reception of protein, the digestive system is markedly improved.

Nutrition without sugar

Various scientific experiments show that the body does not “see” desserts and high-calorie sweet drinks. These products practically negate the mechanism of protection against overheating. Stimulating the brain with sugary foods, a person receives a large number of calories.

Among the diseases that are primarily caused by the consumption of sugar, doctors call diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease. Abandoning sugar, the body becomes sturdier and healthier.

The issue of controlling hunger

Research in neurobiology suggests that the human brain controls weight, supporting it within 6-7 kilograms from the starting point.

But the situation is changing rapidly due to the reception of high-calorie dishes. It is important to listen to your body and control your desire to eat. You can maintain healthy body weight without the dietary intake.

Many diets, popular in recent times, are based on the exclusion of food products that are created in the conditions of industrial organizations. One must adhere to one rule: the simpler the food, the more useful it is for the organism.


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