Drowsiness, dry skin, constant fatigue – all these are signs of reduced immunity. In the stream of autumnal vortexes and rains, health is severely tested. The vitamins and microelements accumulated during the summer period gradually go down to a minimum. The body needs additional natural support. To meet the Russian winter with joy and new forces, it is necessary to charge with useful substances.

Honey is a real storehouse of useful substances. It is stored for a long time without losing valuable qualities.

Interesting Facts:

Honey can remove alcohol from the human body. High temperatures (more than 50 ° C) are harmful to the baby, so the medicinal properties of tea with honey are greatly exaggerated. The most “honey” country in the world is China

Recipes for healing combinations:

Syrup + freshly squeezed aloe juice, mixed in equal proportions, improve health and possess immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. honey + grated fresh ginger – this mixture helps improve blood circulation and lower blood cholesterol level 100 ml of honey + 1 lemon + 3 cloves of garlic: grind in a meat grinder and use to raise the immunity


Popularity, this root in Russia, has acquired relatively recently. However, in Indian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines, the tonic effect of ginger has been known since ancient times. The secret code of the product is in essential oils, which have a bactericidal and immunostimulating effect. Ginger is rich in amino acids and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, as well as a high content of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

Unlike honey, ginger is recommended to use as a decoction, as a free drink or in combination with herbal tea.

Interesting Facts:

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Koren is the most effective aphrodisiac. In this capacity, he was mentioned in the Arabian tales of Scheherezade. Ginger tea is recommended for pregnant women during toxicosis, as well as for seasickness because it quickly eliminates nausea, dizziness, and weakness

Recipes for ginger drinks:

ginger + rosehip + linden flowers: get the perfect hot drink that helps with cold and high temperature ginger + lemon peel + apples: this combination possesses not only immunostimulating action, but also has a fat-burning effect of black tea + 2 petals of ginger root + 2 mint leaves + half a stick cinnamon: this recipe will help to cheer up on a cold autumn morning, and also normalizes blood sugar

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have a positive effect on immunity, even in older people. They contain a lot of zinc – the most critical element in the body’s defense system. Also, selenium, calcium, potassium, fluoride, as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, K are contained in seeds. Vitamins E and C increase the positive effect of zinc on immunity. Miraculous magnesium in pumpkin seeds is used for the nervous system and heart.

Interesting Facts:

25% of the contents of pumpkin seeds – vegetable protein The product actively destroys parasitic wormsPumpkin seeds stimulate the production of serotonin, the “happiness hormone.”

Cauliflower salad with pumpkin seeds


cauliflower – 1 cochanluc red blue – 2 heads of oil – 5 tbsp. l.kitvennye sunflower seeds – 5 tbsp. l. Pine nuts – 3 tbsp. l.sol

Cooking method:

Color cauliflower on inflorescences and boil in salted water until cooked. Throw it in a colander. Onion cut into strips and fry in oil for 5 minutes. Add pumpkin seeds and nuts, fry for three more minutes. Put cabbage, salt, mix and warm. When serving, decorate with basil leaves. Get a friendly and very useful salad that will suit people on a diet.


Seaweed is used for both internal and external use. Many cosmetics for hair, skin, and nails are based on algae. To stimulate the immune system, it is useful to eat fucus and laminaria. First of all, they are valuable in high iodine content. Unlike fish, algae are used raw and better absorbed in the body. The iodine contained in them is necessary for the functioning of the thyroid gland and hormonal balance in general. A complex of polysaccharides has a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Interesting Facts:

Fucus is almost identical in composition to human blood plasma. The most abundant alga is laminaria. Its length can reach 60 meters. In some high-mountainous areas, a phenomenon called “watermelon snow” is known. Algae give the snow a pink hue, the smell and taste of watermelon

Japanese salad “Kaiso.”


sea cabbage – 500 gosu soy – 0.5 tbsp. l. Starch – 2 tsp, sesame oil – 2 tsp, lemon juice – 2 tsp, sesame – 4 tbsp. l.

Cooking method:

Pour the soy sauce and water (a quarter of the glass) into a saucepan and put on fire. Dissolve the starch in a quarter of a glass of water and pour into a hot, but not boiling sauce. Stir constantly, wait for the sauce to thicken. Remove from heat. Add sesame oil, lemon juice, and sesame, mix well. Marinate the sea kale in the cooked sauce for 2 hours. A useful and tasty salad is served with fish dishes and soups.


Cranberries are one of the most useful and rare berries. It is rich in vitamins C, K, PP and group B, amino acids, antioxidants. The northern seed has bactericidal and antiviral properties. Thanks to the natural preservative content, cranberries can be stored for a long time without heat treatment. You can eat berries in raw form, and in the way of juice, jam, jam.

Interesting Facts:

Cranberries are harvested after the onset of frost. Cranberry juice helps against infections of the urinary tract, preventing the colibacillus from settling in the body. A good ripe cranberry bounces if it falls on a hard surface

Cranberry juice with honey


Berries of cranberries (fresh or frozen) – 0,5 money – 4 tbsp. Cool drinking water – 2 l Preparation:

Go through and wash the cranberries, then beat them with boiling water. Grind the berries in a blender. Put the berry puree in a saucepan and add water. After this, strain the liquid through a colander with a mesh structure. Then add the warm honey in a saucepan and mix thoroughly. The drink is ready! It is recommended to store more in the refrigerator.


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