Do you think that for a steep result you need to train every day, or even twice a day? But is it so?

Can I train every day?

Regular exercise prevents most health problems and increases vitality. But training can have a negative impact on health.

The World Health Organization recommends training about 150 minutes a week if you just want to maintain your physical shape and do not pursue impressive results. For 2.5 hours a week, the body does not have time to overtax, and you get the right energy.

– Daily workouts give a quick effect but increase the risk of getting injured, go into overtraining or find out the complete opposite reaction of the body.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you need to understand: with high physical activity, the appetite increases and the hormone cortisol begins to be intensively produced – it destroys muscles and promotes recruitment of fat mass.

If you train to lose those extra pounds, you do not need to exercise too much: take care of your nutrition, sleep, massage and sauna.

To maintain health and fitness, you can exercise 2-3 times a week. If you want to develop your competence and improve performance, use better 3-6 times a week.

How to train correctly every day

If you decide to increase your stamina and develop strength, daily training will lead you to the desired result as quickly as possible. To train every day, there is no need for special conditions, but it is necessary to understand: such exercises increase the stress on the body.

– If you decide to train daily, the ideal option is to change the load: weight training, interval loadings and cardio are best alternated with stretching, yoga and swimming pool.

If you train every day to develop strength and endurance, do not forget about nutrition, it needs to be adjusted because of increased loads. Dosing loads better under the guidance of a coach, an amateur often overestimates his strength and can hurt himself by too zealous training.

How to recover from daily workouts

When a person is engaged every day, the body has only a few hours to restore work in tissues and organs. Therefore it is crucial to help your body and give it everything you need for a quick recovery.

– The body cannot be made to recover faster, but it is possible to help him in this process. Those who train every day, you need an active recovery: go to the sauna, do massage, stretching.

Even professional athletes have a risk of injury due to overtraining, so it is worth paying particular attention to recovery, to notice the overwork of the body in time and prevent its consequences.

To restore it, it is essential to eat and sleep properly – do not neglect them, and your body can withstand high loads.


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